As mentioned previously, I am incredibly passionate about art and the video games industry as a whole, always looking forward to the next big thing or the advent of new technology in which to play a beloved series on. When I'm not drawing, I enjoy spending my time relaxing by playing a wide range of video games, although my usual choices consist of Role-playing games or First-person shooters, of which the "Halo" series has been a huge influence on my fascination with science-fiction, weapons design and powered armour.

I'd also consider myself a bit of a handyman as I thoroughly enjoy starting small projects and making things from scratch or putting together video game related costumes which, in two select cases, has seen me complete a sniper's camouflage suit and a (currently) unfinished set of full-body armour from the aforementioned "Halo" series.

Outside of video games and art entirely, I am a keen hiker and mountain biker, with a penchant for camping on the nearby moorlands simply for the experience, as well as being a big fan of the movie industry.

Also, dogs are great; I'm very much a dog person